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Hospital Elder Life Care Program

North Wellington Health Care of Palmerston and District Hospital and Louise Marshall Hospital offer senior patients a Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP).

We recognize that many older adults, while in the hospital, have difficulty with memory, confusion, nutrition and mobility. The Hospital Life Elder Program provides specific interventions to help keep the mind and body active, so cognitive and physical functioning can be maintained.

Services are provided by HELP staff and volunteers. The HELP team includes a Social Worker, Elder Life Clinical Nurse Specialists, Geriatrician and highly trained volunteers.

To participate, patients must be 65 years of age or older with one or more risk factors for functional cognitive decline or delirium.

Risk factors include:

  • Decreased mobility or ADL impairment
  • Pre-existing cognitive impairment, dementia, history of delirium
  • Sensory impairment (vision, hearing)
  • Inadequate caloric intake or dehydration
  • Sleep deprivation

Patients may not participate in the program if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • Medically unstable, unresponsive (coma) or death is imminent
  • Severe dementia, psychosis, or behavioural problems unsafe for volunteer interaction
  • Discharge firmly anticipated within 48h of admission
  • Aphasia, unable to communicate
  • Neutropenic precautions
  • Airborne precautions (e.g. TB)
  • Patient or family refusal for participation


  • Geriatric interdisciplinary assessment and interventions coordinated by a Social Worker
  • Assistance from specially trained volunteers, overseen by interdisciplinary professionals, who provide the following programs:

Daily Visitor: Orientation, communication and social support

Feeding Assistance: Help and companionship during meals

Therapeutic Activities:  Mental stimulation and socialization

Early Mobilization: Daily exercise and help with mobilization

Vision / Hearing: Adaptations and equipment

  • Linkage with community services to assist with the transition from the hospital to home

Service Available at: 

Louise Marshall Hospital

630 Dublin Street
Mount Forest, ON
N0G 2L3

(519) 323-2210

Palmerston and District Hospital

500 Whites Road
Palmerston, ON
N0G 2P0

(519) 343 2030

North Wellington Health Care

  • Louise Marshall Hospital

  • 630 Dublin Street, Mount Forest,
    ON N0G 2L3
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  • Phone: (519) 323-2210
  • Palmerston and District Hospital

  • 500 Whites Road, Palmerston,
    ON N0G 2P0
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  • Phone: (519) 343-2030