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North Wellington Health Care of Louise Marshall Hospital and Palmerston and District Hospital offer three types of patient accommodation:

  • standard ward
  • semi-private
  • private

Ward rooms include four beds and are offered free of charge to all patients with a valid Canadian Health Card.
Private or semi-private rooms can be requested for an additional charge. Either the patient’s insurance plan or the patient is responsible for paying the Preferred Accommodation charge.

Every effort is made to provide you with your written requested accommodation. At times, for infection control requirements or patient volume, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

When your physician determines your acute care stay is over and you are waiting for the appropriate Alternate Level of Care bed (such as retirement, rehab, palliative etc), you will be designated as an Alternate Level of Care (ALC) patient. As part of the designation of ALC, a co-payment is required by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. This co-payment is based on an income calculation as provided by the patient who will then be responsible for making the determined payment.

Service Available at: 

Louise Marshall Hospital

630 Dublin Street
Mount Forest, ON
N0G 2L3

(519) 323-2210

Palmerston and District Hospital

500 Whites Road
Palmerston, ON
N0G 2P0

(519) 343 2030

North Wellington Health Care

  • Louise Marshall Hospital

  • 630 Dublin Street, Mount Forest,
    ON N0G 2L3
  • Map
  • Phone: (519) 323-2210
  • Palmerston and District Hospital

  • 500 Whites Road, Palmerston,
    ON N0G 2P0
  • Map
  • Phone: (519) 343-2030