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MRI funding for local Hospitals


For Immediate Release

Thursday, December 15, 2022.

Palmerston, ON… The Ontario government is investing $20 million to operate 27 new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines in hospitals across the province, including Palmerston and District Hospital.

In December of 2021, hospitals in Ontario Health (West) were invited to submit business cases in support of base operating funds for net new MRI machines, particularly those that align with addressing regional gaps. Patients in North Wellington communities currently must travel 1+ hours to receive MRI diagnostics.  Our rural hospitals are also experiencing high MRI wait times. This new equipment will improve access, allow patients to stay within the region to get an MRI, and alleviate pressures on other hospitals who have the machines.  “We are thrilled with the announcement of new MRI operational funding for North Wellington Health Care (NWHC) and would like to thank the Government of Ontario for their support.  This new program will allow us to support our region to access care close to home, in a timely fashion,” states Angela Stanley, President and CEO of NWHC.

The MRI will be housed at Palmerston District Hospital in shell space that was recently completed in November 2020. The government funding does not cover the capital costs associated with purchasing the MRI scanner. The cost of purchasing the MRI equipment, and retrofitting the shell space, is the responsibility of the hospital through the generous support of the Palmerston and District Hospital Foundation.  “The Palmerston and District Hospital Foundation welcomes the announcement that MRI technology will be available at the Palmerston and District Hospital, reducing wait times and travel for rural residents in Midwestern Ontario.  Our Foundation’s mandate is to raise the funds needed for equipment purchases, keeping our local hospital well equipped and viable.  We will rely on the generosity of our local donors, and look further into the broader catchment area for support of this exciting new regional service,” states Earl Campbell, Chair of The Palmerston and District Hospital Foundation Board.    

“This funding is news for all our WHCA rural hospital sites,” states Dale Small, Chair NHWC Board.  “We would like to thank the Palmerston and District Hospital Foundation for their support for the capital funding required for this project and look forward to working with them and communities to bring this much needed service to our region.”  More information will be shared as timelines and plans come together.


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