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CKNX Health Care Heroes Radiothon – Mount Forest

One of the new IV pumps at Louise Marshall Hospital in Mount Forest. ( stock photo)

CKNX Health Care Heroes Radiothon – Mount Forest

By October 15, 2018 10:00am

Saturday, October 20 is the CKNX Health Care Heroes Radiothon to help raise money for local hospitals, including the Louise Marshall Hospital in Mount Forest.
The Foundation is hoping to raise $100,000 for 15 infusion pumps.

Manager of Patient Care Gianni Accettola says the infusion pumps will help limit mistakes for any fluids patients need.

“An infusion pump really helps control the delivery of those fluids, medication or blood and blood products so it allows us to control the amount that you get the rate or the time that you get that as well and prevents us giving to little or to much of what were trying to give you,” said Accettola. “We are actually replacing our current fleet its been around for approximately 8-10 year range with one that is more technologically advanced and has more safety features.”

Accettola adds the brand of I-V pump they have has a library of products they could infuse into patients to avoid any errors.

“The IV pump brand that we have is Alaris, and it has what’s called guardrail technology. That is basically a library of all the products that we would be infusing into a patient and we are to go through a series of checks of this library to ensure that we have the proper product and the does reducing the risk of any type of fluid or medication error.”

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